Vote ‘yes’ for Ironton flood levy on Nov. 4

Published 9:43 am Sunday, November 2, 2014

Please vote yes for the floodwall levy. The money one would have to pay for flood insurance would be a looming amount compared to a 2-mill levy.

The banks and other lending institutions federally funded would make you take out flood insurance. If you are planning to purchase a house, you might not be able to because of the high cost of flood insurance.

Let us think of what would happen if we did have a flood. The rains will come. Our floodwalls have weakened over the years.

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A friend of mine, who was 6 years old and in a boat during the flood saw something quite terrible. She remembers the flood as horror. What stuck in her mind all these years later was a dead man hanging over a group of telephone and electrical wires. Floods change and destroy property and they change and destroy lives.

We here in Ironton have a wonderful community. Let’s keeps it that way. Many of us think of Ironton as Hometown, U.S.A. I know I do.

We love our town. Let us maintain our floodwall system. Let us stand up and for the right thing.

Please vote ‘yes’ for the floodwall levy.


Susan Thompson