Flood wall levy would continue progress

Published 9:50 am Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Another Ironton Farmers Market season has come and gone. This Ironton aLive project has raised the level of expectation to those visiting our downtown.

The Farmers Market venue has become more than a farmers market location, but an all purpose area right where we needed it, downtown. Many events have and will continue to use the space and bring people to Ironton.

As Farmers Market manager I couldn’t be prouder of the progress of our market and the great and loyal vendors that have shown up, in any kind of weather to display their products. Some of the vendors live in the city limits but most of them do not, but they all love Ironton and the folks around the Tri-State community they serve. Many great things are taking place and a lot of people (mostly volunteers) have and continue to work hard to make our city grow and bring in new and grow present businesses.

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The Farmers Market venue is just one of the example of the progress. We’re starting to see the sunlight through the long tunnel of hard work. Out of town businesses have noticed us; they see our progress and like the kind of atmosphere and small town friendliness we demonstrate.

Today we have a floodwall levy issue needed to maintain our 74-year-old flood protection system. We have all seen the numbers and the cost of flood insurance if the flood protection is decertified.

That would be devastating enough but imagine a business that is considering locating here. What would be the message they would get if the levy fails?

That light at the end of the tunnel would be the train wreck we don’t want and would be a tremendous set back. Passing the levy, however, would demonstrate that responsible people live here and are willing to sacrifice to keep the city attractive to new business and employers.

Downtown renovation would get a shot in the arm and the hard work would continue. The mayor, city council, city workers and volunteer groups are working together and the results are very noticeable.

Folks from all around the Tri-State are visiting Ironton restaurants, businesses and special events. Yes, Ironton is a very special place.


Sam Heighton

Co-Chairperson, Ironton aLive