Resident proud to be a Democrat

Published 10:16 am Thursday, November 6, 2014

I hope this trouncing of local and national Democrats has taught one lesson — it’s a mistake to let Republicans dictate what your campaigns are about.

So many good, positive things have been accomplished the past six years, but I don’t remember anyone making them a part of their campaign.

It just looked dishonest and wishy-washy for candidates to pretend they had nothing to do with anything Obama.

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Their message seemed to be, “I’m a Democrat, but I’m ashamed to admit it.”

If they had been honest and run their campaigns on the good, positive things that have benefitted so many of us, I’m sure the results would have been different.

I’m a Democrat, but doubt these people were independent and strong enough for the job, so we are probably better off with the results we got. Maybe better people will use this lesson to run a better campaign next time.


Sue Jenkins