Levies make a difference

Published 11:48 am Friday, November 7, 2014

Election Day has come and gone, and while virtually nothing has changed in regards to those who will represent Lawrence County locally and at the state and federal levels, residents in Ironton and South Point chose to take tax increases to help better their communities.

In Ironton, residents voted to increase an existing 1-mill floodwall levy to 2 mills, a move that would generate about $265,500 a year to maintain the aging concrete floodwall, earthen dams and pump stations.

City officials, local business owners and civic leaders took the lead on promoting the levy and worked for months to inform voters about just how important the levy increase is.

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In South Point, village residents voted to pass a 5-mill levy that would generate money for more police officers, full-time hours and benefits.

Just as in Ironton, South Point officers, council members and others championed the cause after seeing an increase in crime around the village and urged voters to choose public safety.

While it will take some time for the funds to accrue, this money is likely to have a huge impact on villagers’ way of life in the future. And it is clear that those who voted in support of the levy realize paying a little more in property taxes each year trumps having to replace items taken by thieves who steal without fear of police action.

We are glad the people of Ironton and South Point voted in favor of their respective levies and we commend those who took up the cause to inform voters of their importance. Voting can and does make a difference and in the case of these two levies, a positive one.