‘Cop’ event positive program

Published 10:58 am Thursday, November 13, 2014

Becoming an annual occurrence, this year’s Shop with a Cop is slated for mid-December.

In its simplest form, the event provides the ability to help children who are in need. There are, however, so many more benefits.

Lawrence County law enforcement has joined in a collaborative effort to help those children who are less fortunate. The goal for this year’s program is to help 75 children with the hope that through the event, those children’s Christmas holiday can be a little brighter.

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While the event itself is important, another vital facet is the positive perception that this can create for children about law enforcement.

In today’s society, members of law enforcement can sometimes be portrayed negatively, but events like these can be a driving force in changing that opinion.

The program also allows those children and their parents to see that these men and women of law enforcement are ordinary people as well, who are working hard to protect and make a difference in our area.

The outcome of this program can truly be priceless, not only for the children and law enforcement, but as a shining representation of our community.