Practice Christian beliefs

Published 10:11 am Wednesday, November 19, 2014

While lying in bed this week waiting for my “free stuff” to arrive, I felt compelled to write in defense of those around me doing the same.

Everyone knows that over the last few generations, plants with good-paying jobs have left Ironton and haven’t been replaced.

While it’s true there are many cases where government assistance has since become generational and habitual, statistics show that the majority of those living in poverty now are the “working poor,” as a result of the deep recession of 2007 that will take years to recover from. Two of my children have had to move so far away to find employment I have grandchildren who hardly know me. People are making tough choices and I feel for all of them.

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Millions of dollars in “dark money” is now being spent to convince us that none of this is our problem. Republicans fought just as hard to prevent Social Security and Medicare from becoming law as they have to stop Affordable Health Care. I have yet to know a Republican who has turned it down.

Feeling responsible for the sick, the elderly, the poor, children living in poverty is not a Republican or Democratic responsibility, it is our Christian responsibility.

We are indeed our brothers keeper. Even when we don’t agree and make mistakes and feel put upon or taken advantage of, let’s continue to err on the side of what a Christian nation should do.


Sue Jenkins