Time for family, not shopping

Published 10:28 am Tuesday, November 25, 2014

In just two days, millions around the country will gather with family and friends to enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday.

Unfortunately, the focus may quickly shift from dinner or fellowship with those gathered around the table.

While the need exists to save and find great deals for Christmas gifts, each year those great deals seem to arrive earlier.

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As in recent years, many retailers and shopping locations will operate on a normal schedule, even during Thanksgiving Day.

The perception materializes that the customer desires for those stores to be open.

Sadly, this has become the rule rather the exception. Customers around the country are going to shop and seek out those great deals, regardless if it is on Thanksgiving Day or the following day.

The customer is being geared to perceive this is normal.

This works both ways, however, as customers are only taking advantage of what is being offered.

It is important to remember that Thanksgiving Day should be a time when family and friends can gather, enjoy a meal and simply relish the time that is spent together.

We encourage shoppers this holiday season to shop local regardless of the retailer and reserve Black Friday shopping for just that — Friday.