Fans come out to Ro-Na bar to watch The Game

Published 12:41 am Sunday, November 30, 2014

It was all that the marquee of the Ro-Na had promised. On the dawn of The Game, aka Ohio State University versus the University of Michigan, the marquee had touted, “Watch OSU stomp icigan.” Misspelling intended.

And with a final score of OSU 42 to the Wolverines 28, a stomp it was and those couple of dozen watching the game at the Ro-Na bar showed they were a loyal fan base.

This fall was the start of what Ironton aIive hopes will be a regular feature of the football season — watching the games on big screen televisions at the bar next to the old movie house. It started in October and ended on Saturday with of one of football’s greatest rivalries.

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“(Attendance) hasn’t been great,” Ironton aLive president Jon Ferguson said during a break at tending bar at the Ro-Na on Saturday afternoon. “It’s the matter of getting the word out and people understand it’s here. People who are here have a wonderful time and bring friends. It’s a growing process.”

Fans snacked on pulled pork barbecue and pulled pork nachos from Hillbilly Konk. Owner Bobby Grizzle smoked 115 pounds of pork for roughly 11 hours before putting out the feast.

While OSU’s red was the predominant color at the bar, Chloe Griffith was daring in her blue and gold Michigan sweatshirt, an affinity she inherited from her mother’s side.

“And I even live in Columbus,” she said.

Although The Game wrapped up the Ro-Na football season, Ironton aLive is considering hosting a Big 10 Party.