Holiday tour shows our faith

Published 10:15 am Thursday, December 11, 2014

While the annual Candlelight Christmas Tour puts a focus on the splendor and history of the church buildings, just as important is the faith that is embedded into our community, county and region.

This past Saturday the event continues to be a fantastic celebration allows members of our community to celebrate their faith while learning the rich history of the architecture of the churches.

The event is hosted by the Lawrence County Historical Society along with several churches in Ironton and serves as an avenue for those who love history to get a firsthand experience that residents might not otherwise receive.

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This was a truly special event, as those in attendance had the opportunity to not only see the structures, but to learn about the history of each church and the members who worked diligently and held firm to their faith that played a pivotal role in our community.

In addition to the tour, the historical society hosted those in attendance for refreshments and to see the wonderful history of our county.

Although the bricks and mortar at the churches provide a solid structure, the faith found throughout the county and region has long provided a solid foundation.

Ultimately, each year the event puts both on display.