Museum promotes history

Published 10:42 am Tuesday, December 16, 2014

For many, history provides an outlet to see our beginnings. That was the case recently when students from throughout Lawrence County were able to pen essays about various people and things.

This is an important element of educating our young people to ensure each child understands how many great facts have happened in the history of our county.

This was the goal through the essay contest sponsored by the Lawrence County Historical Society when 129 fourth-graders from throughout the county submitted essays.

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The contest awards were presented to first-place winner Aleigha Gully from Dawson-Bryant Elementary, second place went to Lakota Jones from Symmes Valley Elementary, and third place to Zach Kearns from Dawson-Bryant Elementary. The winning essays were about Osa Wilson, the Rome Beauty apple and the Waterloo Wonders, respectively.

The awards were presented at the Lawrence County Museum.

Each of these essay subjects had a significant impact on our county, and it is important for our youth to look at the past and see how important these events and people were in shaping our county.

Ultimately, the goal of the contest was to enrich and enlighten our children about the history of the great things that can be found in Lawrence County’s past.

We all need to remember that at some point we will be the people and places in Lawrence County’s history. It is important to leave our impact that moves the county into the future for our children.