President Obama like a new dictator

Published 10:13 am Tuesday, December 30, 2014

As usual the newsprint and TV that are in Obama’s pocket got it wrong again. Cuban dictator said just after we offered them the store, they said the very next day that “nothing was to change in Cuba.”

People can’t own homes, own stores and peons will still be peons. When will we ever learn that you can’t negotiate from weakness? Our country isn’t the same country since Obama’s governing from “transparency” and has drawn “red lines in the sand” and withdrawn from every one of them, showing our country to be a country of weakness.

When will the people who support him stop and look at what damage he has done to our country and our constitution that he swore to uphold.

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If we can make it for another two years, we will be lucky. His spend, spend and spend more has raised the debt since he took office more that the first 42 presidents, even in a time of war.

When will he pass the bill “we no longer own our homes?” Given his love of the press, it probably won’t be long.

Or when will he declare we no longer live in a democracy and declare himself as our new dictator?

Homer Campbell