Buyback programs don’t work

Published 12:00 am Thursday, January 1, 2015


hat part of “Hey, Kids! Steal your parents’ guns and bring them to school!” sounds like a bad idea?

If you answered, “All of it,” you may be a conservative.

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A San Francisco production company, Sleeper 13 Productions, created what they call a “Public Service Announcement” video in which a young boy sneaks into his parents’ bedroom, steals a handgun out of a dresser drawer and hides it in his backpack.

He then carries the gun onto the school bus and into a classroom. After class, he shocks the teacher at her desk by taking the gun out of his backpack and slamming it onto her desk.

“Can you take this away? I don’t feel safe with a gun in my house,” the boy pouts.

The “public service” ad then wraps with the tag line, “Our children deserve a safe world. Stop gun violence now.”

The company’s president and this ad’s producer, Rejina Sincic, has replied to outraged viewers on Twitter that she’s “entertained” by their comments.

Liberals are not “entertained” by police in schools or military recruiting in schools and have promoted zero tolerance laws that have outlawed skeet and trap club students from having unloaded shotguns in the trunks of their locked vehicles on campus.

Students have been expelled and denied graduation for such offenses.

Now, this “progressive” gun control idea is to encourage children to commit felonies by stealing weapons from their parents, carrying them onto school buses and tossing the guns onto their teachers’ desks.

According to the credits, the video was shot with permission from a local school in Oakland.


This exhibition of liberal dysphoric mania over guns is also apparent in the recurrent exercise in futility known as “gun buy-backs.”

The faulty logic is that criminals will give up their guns for a hundred dollars each and this will permanently eliminate guns from the hands of evil-doers.

How quaint.

The real result is that hundreds of old, useless guns are dumped for more than they’re worth along with the occasional AR-15 that some widow’s husband never fired.

A 1999 article in the journal “Law and Order” reported that some people sold guns to police during buybacks and then used the money to buy new guns.

How reassuring.

University studies around the country have found gun buy-backs do not reduce gun violence or gun suicides. Not even a little.

Jon Vernick, a researcher at Johns Hopkins University who has co-authored two studies on the question, says there is no evidence that buybacks reduce gun violence.

A 2004 report by the National Academy of Sciences called “Firearms and Violence: A Critical Review” said, “The theoretical premise for gun buy-back programs is that the program will lead to fewer guns on the streets because fewer guns are available for either theft or trade and that consequently violence will decline. It is the committee’s view that the theory underlying gun buyback programs is badly flawed and the empirical evidence demonstrates the ineffectiveness of these programs.”

“The continuation of buyback programs is a triumph of wishful thinking over all the available evidence,” Garen Wintemute, director of the Violence Prevention Research Program at the University of California at Davis, told a reporter.

No less than a dozen studies performed by universities, police and newspapers have revealed the same result.

These facts won’t stop the liberals who also tell kids to steal their parent’s guns and turn them in at school.

Gun buy-backs are very popular with liberals who know their true value: enabling left-wing politicians to gather more votes from a constituency that truly believes the politician using tax dollars for the buybacks is helping them.

The real truth is that the politicians know the buybacks are useless in fighting crime and very profitable in getting votes from people ignorant of the buyback’s failures.

Let’s hope American school kids haven’t been propagandized by the left to the point of actually stealing their parents’ guns and carrying them to school.

They’ll find the same treatment liberal policies have given to innocent kids with an empty trap gun in their locked vehicle: a police record and likely expulsion.


Rick Jensen is Delaware’s award-winning conservative talk show host on 1150AM WDEL and 93.7FM HD3. Contact Rick at, or follow him on Twitter @Jensen1150WDEL.