Reason for drug helpline blurry

Published 11:16 am Friday, January 2, 2015

Immediate assistance not offered when dialed

A helpline aimed at recovering addicts and drug users has been established in Ironton, but what help is offered is unclear.

A wire service called Lighting Releases on Dec. 26 posted a press release on the website touting the helpline as a “new source of advice and guidance for drug abusers.”

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Several calls to the 740-201-1787 helpline on Wednesday were unanswered, ringing several times before disconnecting. An email sent to the address listed in the press release, was returned as undeliverable.

A call to the hotline on Thursday, however, was answered by a man named Dave with the greeting, “treatment center.”

When told about the returned email, Dave, who asked if the email was sent to the treatment center in West Palm Beach, suggested everything be conducted by phone and requested the name of an insurance carrier to verify qualification for treatment at the center.

After being notified he was speaking with a reporter, Dave said to re-send the email and abruptly ended the phone call.

Stated in the press release is: “Going through life under the dark cloud of addiction is not good for anyone’s mental, emotional or physical health. The dangerous (sic) of drug and alcohol abuse are well documented and the only way to ensure you avoid serious problems is by quitting now with assistance from the drug rehab helpline for Ironton. Many people think they can get things under control by themselves, but that’s rarely the case. Some people have predispositions to addiction such as genetic factors or upbringing and that can make quitting more difficult than just going cold turkey.”

A website tied to the helpline,, details services offered by what’s called the “Ohio Drug Rehab Center,” but offers no address or specific people to contact. Only the helpline number and a contact form are offered.

“Getting individuals in Ironton the help they need to overcome drug abuse is very important,” it says on the website. “People with addictions to dangerous drugs like heroin, cocaine or prescription drugs are putting themselves in harm’s way in more ways than one. Drugs are extremely detrimental to someone’s overall health, their relationships and their career. Many drug addicts feel like there’s no hope for their recovery because they’ve tried to quit using in the past. At all drug rehab center (sic), they’ve designed unique drug treatment programs that can help even long term users kick the habit once and for all.”

The owner of Lighting Services did not respond when asked if he was aware who published the release via Twitter.