Drug law may help students

Published 10:07 am Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Most adults either know or have seen the effects of drug abuse, but how many of our children understand those risks?

That is the charge of the new law signed by Ohio Gov. John Kasich that requires education to children in Ohio schools about the risks associated with painkillers.

This is another step in the right direction about teaching our children about the potential hazards of drug abuse.

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Last year, the governor introduced an initiative to foster an environment conducive to education for parents, adults and children, as this is the next step in the Start Talking program that began last year.

The law also looks to bring together and provide necessary information with a focus on educating children and reducing abuse among them.

When we hear about drug abuse, we think of adults. In reality, 1 out of 5 students in America’s high schools takes painkillers without a doctor’s prescription.

While it is essential we teach our children about making good choices about things like food and exercise, it is also important to teach them about drugs and the potential harms associated with abuse.

Drugs have ruined individuals and their families lives throughout the county, region and state. Providing them with information early on may help our children make good decisions.