Former trustee appointed to board

Published 10:53 am Thursday, January 22, 2015

UNION TOWNSHIP — A familiar face is back on the Union Township Trustees with the appointment of former trustee David “Dick” Lang to the board, at least for a while.

Lang’s appointment followed the resignation of trustee Rick Gue on Jan. 2. Lang had previously served as a trustee from 1985 to 2001. He did not run in 2001.

“They wanted someone who knew the township and someone who could help them out who had experience,” Lang said. “They are all good friends of mine and I was going to help them out.

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Porter and Mike Curry, the other trustee, decided to appoint Lang to serve this year only, opening the remaining two years of Gue’s term to other candidates.

“I have been a trustee since 1992 and he was always fair,” Union trustee Terry Porter said. “We worked great together and he knows the township. Plus we wanted to be fair. This is the fairest way to do it. All other people interested can run in November.”

According to the Ohio Revised Code, the remaining trustees can choose the township’s successor.

“The board of township trustees shall appoint a person having the qualifications of an elector to fill such vacancy for the unexpired term or until a successor is elected,” the code states.

If there is no board or it doesn’t make the appointment within 30 days of the vacancy, a committee of five who are residents of the township will fill it. If there is no such committee, then the probate judge makes the appointment.

Since the resignation happened more than 40 days from the next general election and there is more than one year left on Gue’s term, the individual elected will serve out the full two years of the unexpired term.

“Once the election is certified, that person will take it over immediately,” Mark McCown, vice chair of the board of elections, said.

Deadline to file petitions to be on the ballot in November is Aug. 5.

“I just want to treat everybody equal and try to do the best for the township,” Lang said.