Never forget flood

Published 10:35 am Thursday, January 29, 2015

After nearly eight decades, the region can still feel the influence from one of the worst natural disasters in the area’s history.

The flood in 1937 forever impacted the outlook we have today about the Ohio River.

The river is undoubtedly a vital asset and resource for our local economy and at that time was an essential aspect in our county’s and the entire region’s progress. That January when we would typically expect to see snow, however, the rain started and continued for nearly three weeks.

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After finally cresting, the Ohio River had left a huge portion of communities throughout the Tri-State under water.

Although the disaster occurred 78 years ago, today we need to continue to have an appreciation for what Mother Nature can truly do.

Today, many safeguards like floodwalls and supplementary measures of control are in place to aid in keeping the Ohio River from devastating our communities again.

Though we are in an age where budgets are tight and funding is limited within our government entities, it is imperative that we do not fail to remember what these safeguards provide our communities.

Ultimately, while it is easy to overlook the power and ability Mother Nature can have, it is essential that we never forget.