Super Bowl Sunday is here

Published 12:00 am Sunday, February 1, 2015

According to some statistics I saw on, about 36 percent of Americans are rooting for the Seattle Seahawks to win the Super Bowl. About 31 percent are pulling for the Patriots to take home the victory.

The rest, about 33 percent of Americans, simply don’t care. I suppose I fall into that bracket. I don’t have a great interest in either team that’s playing and I’m not even a sports fan, to be honest.

If you asked me on Monday to analyze the game, I would probably say something like this, “A lot of sports happened; both teams were sportsing hard. But one team sportsed the best and scored the most points. The end.”

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I’m not ignorant to the rules of football; I can follow along just fine. I just don’t happen to care that much.

I’m with the 33 percent of Americans who show up at the Super Bowl party to socialize, eat unhealthy snack foods and, of course, watch the commercials.

In preparation for those commercials, I’ve already teared up a little bit watching the new Budweiser Super Bowl Commercial with the lost puppy, so I should be somewhat desensitized by the time I see it again tonight during the big game.

If you don’t get a tiny bit emotional after watching that commercial, there’s got to be something wrong with you.

I’ve pretty much avoided all the other ads online so I can watch them for the first time when they air. After all, those companies are spending $4.5 million for a 30-second spot.

As much as I love furry animals, my favorite commercial in recent years has got to be “The Force.” It’s the one with the little kid dressed like Darth Vader who tried to use the Force on random objects in his home, including his dad’s new Volkswagen Passat.

That ad was featured in the 2011 Super Bowl, but was released a few days before. It’s currently the most shared Super Bowl ad of all time and the second-most shared TV commercial ever.

Food is another huge part of Super Bowl parties and I thought it would be fun to share some more stats about how much is consumed during the big game.

Americans will consume 158 million avocados. That’s a lot, right? But something’s got to go on the 11 million pounds of chips we’ll be eating.

How about 1.23 billion chicken wings to go with those chips? That’s enough to fill a football field 1,083,333 times.

And the beer? About 325 million gallons will be guzzled today. Americans will also spend more than $2 million on soda.

If you’re ordering a pizza tonight, tip your delivery person well. Chances are, he or she is going to be all over the county tonight for what’s likely one of their busiest days of the year.

It’s estimated that people will spend, on average, $78 for food, drinks and merchandise.

While we’re talking stats, here are a few more interesting ones.

About $3.8 billion in illegal bets are expected to be made. That’s a tad more than the $100 million in legal bets.

Last year, about 25.3 million Tweets were sent out by the 5.6 million people who shared their thoughts.

About 26 percent of people say God plays a role in the outcome of the game, according to the Public Religion Research Institute.

As of Saturday, the price of the cheapest Super Bowl Ticket on the site TiqIQ was $8,137.

Whether you’re watching for the game itself, the commercials, or just hanging around for the food, have a fun and safe Super Bowl Sunday.

Here’s hoping your team sportses the hardest and gets the most points.


Michelle Goodman is the news editor at The Tribune. To reach her, call 740-532-1441 ext. 12 or by email at