City fixes billing issue

Published 11:19 am Thursday, February 5, 2015

One of the worst feelings a person can have is when an expense like a utility bill is much higher than anticipated or budgeted.

That was the case for some Ironton residents when their utility bills were received in the mail and were unexpectedly over estimated due to a glitch in the billing system the city uses.

Although this was an issue relating to a billing system, we applaud the mayor and others involved who moved quickly to get a solid plan together that will help many who have been affected.

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This plan included an extended due date that customers can make their payments without incurring a late fee, make a payment based on previous billings and offering a billing adjustment where one is required.

It is important to remember that technology is a great thing, but issues can be found and are not foolproof.

We are happy to see the city working diligently to remedy this issue for the residents who were affected that could have caused much larger issues for both the city and customers.

While it may have caused an inconvenience to customers, it is also imperative that those who were affected be patient with the city’s water department, as they will likely be working to help many customers correct these billing issues.