Shelter deserves praise

Published 9:44 am Friday, February 6, 2015

The Lawrence County Animal Shelter has come a long way in five years.

It used to have the highest kill rate in the state, according to a 2012 Columbus Dispatch study. More than 80 percent of dogs that were surrendered or captured by dog wardens were put to sleep.

Thanks to a dedicated few, the shelter has done an about-face and dropped their euthanization numbers dramatically. Many weeks, most dogs are adopted or sent to rescue; very few are put down.

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Recently, shelter workers have focused their efforts on the county’s feline population. About 60 cats are dropped off at the shelter each month and space is limited in the facility.

Shelter workers came up with a plan to give the felines a shelter of their own and within less than two months, the separate shelter is nearly ready to go, thanks to some very generous donors.

Most people consider their pets to be a part of their families. Sadly, others give up on the responsibility and turn their animals out on the streets.

It is because of the dedication of the people at the Lawrence County Animal Shelter that these abandoned animals are finding a respite from the elements while they await new homes.

Kudos to the volunteers and rescuers who are making Lawrence County more animal friendly.