LSSWMD thanks host of supporters

Published 12:22 am Sunday, February 15, 2015

I would like to recognize the outstanding people and groups that supported the Lawrence-Scioto Solid Waste Management District in various ways during the past two years and three months, a period of court litigations.

Judge O. Clark Collins Jr. and his staff, J.D. McDaniel and Tim Collins, offered their services numerous times. They provided their trucks and community service workers to assist us on road cleanups, grass cutting at a cemetery, highway litter cleanup and the Lawrence Countywide Cleanup event. Your assistance was much appreciated.

Sheriff Marty Donini of Scioto County provided a cruiser to the district that enabled us to continue our enforcement program. Because of his generosity, we were able to investigate 128 cases in 2013, and 121 cases in 2014. We could not have investigated and prosecuted the numerous cases without the use of the cruiser.

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Judge David Payne and Bret Looney of the Lawrence County Juvenile Court provided a trailer, van and juveniles in road cleanups, River Sweep and the Lawrence Countywide Cleanup Day. Your assistance was vital and appreciated.

Bob Vinson of Spectrum Outreach Services was the first to call the district and offer his help. Bob donated a Ford van that allowed us to operate all our programs, especially our litter cleanup program that is needed daily throughout the county.

Sheriff Jeff Lawless repeatedly offered his services and that of his office to assist us in situations that required an additional officer. He has always made himself available when we needed him.

Judge Donald Capper and his staff are consistently loyal to the district by continually providing community service workers for our various programs. He firmly believes in what the district is providing and supporting us in all our efforts.

Lawrence County Prosecutor Brigham Anderson and his assistant prosecutors provide us with an invaluable service to the district. Because of this collaboration, our district is recognized by the Ohio EPA for successful prosecution of environmental cases.

I truly appreciate the many individuals and groups that participated in one or several of our programs during these 27 months. I can assure you of my deepest appreciations and your generosity will not be forgotten.


Dan Palmer

Director of the Lawrence-Scioto Solid Waste Management District