Getting community involved

Published 9:00 am Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Like any project, several elements must work together for success to be realized. This always includes gathering essential information, developing a plan and executing that plan.

That is true as well for any plan to develop our county’s communities and infrastructure for the next year.

Receiving feedback and gathering information from residents is the goal for organizers of an open house this Tuesday in South Point at the Chamber of Commerce.

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Events like this are essential and we encourage residents to attend and provide valuable information to those charged with creating plans for improvements and developments throughout the county.

This is an important event because information shared from residents should always be used as an aspect of the overall process for determining what projects are vital to Lawrence County’s progress.

All too often, we only see the final version of the plan for projects and funding without seeing data as to why and how certain jobs were determined.

Allowing residents to be a part of the process can enhance the sense of involvement the community has in these projects as they are crafted and ultimately completed.

It is good to see this type of event take place for the good of the county.