Hecla Water issues conservation advisory

Published 11:59 am Monday, February 23, 2015

Customers in the Hecla Water Association service area are being asked to conserve water beginning immediately.

According to a news release from HWA engineer Tim Dalton, the conservation advisory will last until Sunday and is due to unusually high water usage through the water system.

HWA serves about 9,800 customers in Lawrence County.

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“The recent warming trend on Saturday and Sunday caused an additional increase in water usage throughout the Hecla Water system,” Dalton said in the release. “The increased water demand has resulted in the water levels in the water storage tank to become extremely low.

The release outlines these requests from Hecla customers:

• refrain from letting your water run overnight and during the day;

• inspect plumbing for any leaks;

• inspect plumbing in unoccupied homes and rental units; and

• look around water meters for signs of leaks.