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Weather bringing more woes

While it may seem like the recent snowstorms aftermath will never leave, forecasts next week call for some warmer temperatures.

While these potential increases in temperatures will be beneficial, it is important to remember that we are not out of the proverbial woods yet.

This is because while the snow is frozen right now from the frigid temperatures over the last several days, melting will occur and with the larger than normal amount of built up snow, the chances of flooding throughout the county is increased.

It will be important to check those areas as the snow melts to ensure debris that has potentially built up is not hindering proper drainage.

This is also a good time for homeowners to check their properties that could help safeguard their investments that includes checking backflow valves and sump pumps to guarantee all is working correctly and cleaning any debris as needed to allow water to flow properly through drainage systems.

Doing these things can ultimately be the difference between flooding of property and roadways around the county and region that could cause another difficult situation for residents and workers.