Event benefits youth

Published 12:37 am Thursday, March 5, 2015

Many have been horseback riding, but would you know what kind of horse you were riding? That was the goal of the recent event hosted by Ohio University Southern’s Horse Park.

This is beneficial for both those participating in the event and the Future Farmers of America and 4-H organization, as it provides an outlet for those students who seek to work in the equine industry but also to attract new potential participants.

We applaud those who worked to bring this event to the region and hope it is continued for many years to come.

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Farming, agriculture and animals are a big part of what Lawrence County and the region are all about, and events like this will help ensure that these industries have a place in the future.

The event afforded those who attended the ability to become multifaceted and learn different elements of the industry. These factors included things like identification, judging and a written component.

We encourage those who have an interest in any industry to seek out these types of events that offer the chance to learn various facets.

Regardless of the career path, becoming well versed and rounded in an industry can enhance the ability to be successful.