Patience needed for roads

Published 10:44 am Thursday, March 12, 2015

After the severe winter weather that has seen significant snow, rain and bitterly cold temperatures throughout Lawrence County and the region, it was inevitable the roadways would suffer as well.

While the snow, ice and flooding have made travel difficult; this is also the case for the roadways surfaces as well.

Many communities are finding their commutes more challenging with the increase of potholes on both major highways along with county and township roads.

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It is important for the safety of motorists that the potholes are repaired as quickly possible, but citizens must understand several factors and entities will require time and patience.

Funding is another issue that may slow down the process, as most governmental agencies have seen a decrease in funding over the past several years. It will be imperative to ensure a quality plan is developed for funds to be dispersed at the state, local and township levels to get roadways restored.

While these officials work to identify these issues and work on a plan for repairs, cases can exist where new potholes develop or current ones worsen.

We encourage residents who are seeking information to contact the proper entity. State routes and U.S. highways are maintained by the Ohio Department of Transportation, county roads by the Lawrence County Engineer and township roads and streets by their respective township trustees.

Working together and showing patience will be a key to moving the process along.