Road crews have work cut out for them

Published 10:47 am Thursday, March 12, 2015

Five words describe the condition of county roads right now.

“It’s Pothole Central out there,” Lawrence County Engineer Doug Cade said.

And until the weather dries out, it’s going to be that way for a while.

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“When we have had this much rain, it is nearly impossible to patch potholes when it is raining or there is water in the holes,” Cade said. “We need people to be patient with us. Some of our newer roads that we’ve paved in the last couple of years are not bad. But from gravel roads in the northern part of the county to chip and seal in the middle of the county to paved roads, every road has potholes.”

A winter that started out relatively mild with no snow turned harsh in the past month with two debilitating storms.

“The second half has been quite of a challenge,” Cade said. “We will have enough salt to finish the winter.”

Besides the potholes that are across the county, there are two landslides county crews are working to stabilize — County Road 8 in Aid Township and County Road 30 in Perry Township.

“They were supposed to be doing some temporary repairs (Wednesday) to make sure the roads remain passable,” Cade said. “The potholes, we will have to wait until we get some satisfactory weather.”

On top of that damage, county crews are still handling storm cleanup following fallen trees blocking roadways.

“We had at one time over 100 trees down,” Cade said. “We were literally able to open the roads and now we’re going back and chipping trees that are remaining along the side of the roads. We have two crews doing that and a third working on the landslides.”