Open your eyes to Obama

Published 12:00 am Sunday, March 15, 2015

In Wednesday’s Ironton Tribune, the article from Michael Reagan and the editorial about the state of Ohio, I wonder if Jim Crawford wants to give credit to a Republican for getting Ohio out of debt ($2 billion left from the Democrats) and getting Ohio moving in the right way?

No, Obama had nothing to do with our economy. His primary concern is to further big business by letting foreign workers displace union workers at a much lower rate and cause those who work there to be laid off.

His total concern is phony baloney, which anyone but a blind Democrat can see if they care to look.

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Why do foreign workers make people like Bill Gates even richer and Obama says he is for the working man? What will it take to open your eyes to the truth he is out to destroy America and has darn well succeeded in doing so? Why can’t you see the truth?

It’s right in front of you — $18.3 trillion in debt and going up every day.


Homer L. Campbell