OSU hockey women’s coach forced out for harrassment

Published 12:42 am Sunday, March 15, 2015

COLUMBUS (AP) — The head coach of the Ohio State University women’s hockey team sexually harassed players with repeated and inappropriate comments, according to an investigation that ended with the coach resigning under threat of firing.

Ex-coach Nate Handrahan also violated university policy against whistleblower retaliation by intimidating and chastising team members after complaints were raised, according to the report.

The investigation into Handrahan began in November after an anonymous complaint from someone identified as a “faculty member or instructor” passed on allegations of sexual harassment.

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The same complaint “also alleged that the student-athletes do not come forward with their concerns about the behaviors Mr. Handrahan allegedly exhibits during team practices and meetings because they fear retaliation,” the report said.

Handrahan, 37, resigned Monday, the same day the university informed him he would be fired the next day, according to his personnel file.

A performance review in May found that Handrahan “meets expectations.” He scored above average in “academic success” and “student-athlete welfare,” with room to improve in communication and budget management, according to his personnel file. He made $106,334, following a raise authorized by athletic director Gene Smith in August.