Sixth graders participate in tradition of EDDY Test

Published 10:12 am Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Encouraging youth in academics is the purpose behind the EDDY test, a more than half-century-old tradition of the Child Welfare Club.

On Tuesday morning 30 sixth graders from Ironton Middle and St. Lawrence schools became part of that tradition when they gathered to take the day-long exam.

“We feel like frequently children when they get into the middle-school age need to be rewarded for scholarship and to simply encourage them by celebrating their success in academics so they will continue,” Carol Allen of the Child Welfare Club, said.

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Sixth graders eligible are those in the top fourth of their class based on a common test, whether it is the exam given at St. Lawrence or the Ironton standardize test.

The club uses the Pearson Achievement Test. Segments of the test cover reading vocabulary, reading comprehension, math: concepts and problem solving, math: computation, spelling, science and social studies. Each section is timed and lasts 30 minutes.

Students who earn in the top one-third scores will be honored at the EDDY banquet on May 14 at Ohio University Southern-Ironton.

The following students qualified to take the test:

From St. Lawrence were Bryce Balestra, son of Mike and Alice Balestra; Joshua Kline, son of Chris and Rhonda Kline; Jackson Rowe, son of Jimmy and Jenny Rowe; and Max Weber, son of Nick and Mary Beth Weber.

From Ironton Middle School were Ryan Ashley, son of Chris and Luci Ashley; Carlie Beckett, daughter of Brian and Deborah Beckett; Collin N. Beckett, son of Brian and Deborah Beckett; Kaylee Blankenship, daughter of Eric and Leah Horton and Scott and Candice Blankenship; Madeline Bowles, daughter of David Bowles and Dreama Roberts; Dylan Carpenter, son of Hollie Wilson and Ryan Carpenter; Reid Garrison Carrico, son of Gary and Shelley Carrico; Kelsey Christian, daughter of Jack and Carrie Christian; Dalton Crabtree, son of Chris and Dana Crabtree; Gunnar Crawford, son of Gregory Crawford and Kimberly Crawford; Taylor Crisp, son of Shane and Shelly Crisp; Mia Davidson, daughter of Don and Tara Davidson; Matthew Davis, son of Todd and Christi Davis; Jariah Dobbs, daughter of Amanda Gillum and Jack Dobbs; Isaac Fisher, son of Yulana Fisher; Brady Freeman, son of Rick and Krissy Freeman; Logan Friend, son of Elizabeth White and Tim Friend; Mariah Hanson, daughter of Burl and Melanie Hankins; Benjamin Herrman-Holt, son of Jim and Beth Rudmann and Matt Holt; Titus Lewis, son of Mark and Teresa Lewis and Alison Lewis; Kiandra Simone Martin, daughter of Chianti and Kristen Martin; Uriah Meadows, son of Melissa Meadows and Eric Meadows; Madi Rinkus, daughter of Rachael Fuller and Jody Rinkus; Matthew Sexton son of Stephen Sexton and Rochelle Arthur; Austin Strait, son of Chris and Tara Strait; Brynn Taylor, daughter of Aaron and Ginny Taylor; Rocky White, son of Rocky and Angela White; Christian Wilson, son of Chris and Kari Wilson; Will York, son of Todd and Melissa York; and Lilly Brannigan Zornes, daughter of Jay and Bekki Zornes.