St. Mary’s contributes to bicentennial fund

Published 12:00 am Sunday, April 5, 2015

BURLINGTON — The coffers for the county’s bicentennial project keep growing.

This week Lawrence County Commissioner Bill Pratt received a $5,000 donation from St. Mary’s Medical Center to go toward building a replica of the first county courthouse. It will be constructed on the site of the first one, near the county jail, in Burlington, near the Commons Park.

So far the bicentennial committee organizing the project has $10,000. Recently the committee received non-profit status allowing any contribution given to be tax deductible.

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Pratt estimates the replica, which can be used as a community building in the eastern end, will cost a quarter of a million dollars.

A kickoff for the fundraising is set for June 13 at the site, where guests can review artistic renderings of the proposed building.

The goal is to have the structure completed in the fall of 2016. Burlington was the site of the courthouse from 1816 to 1851, when the building in Ironton opened. In 1875, a fire forced the removal of the bell tower. In 1891 the courthouse was turned over to the South Point Board of Education that tore it down and used the bricks to build a school.