Put Rose back into baseball

Published 10:31 am Thursday, April 9, 2015

One county wasn’t good enough for Lawrence County Commission President Les Boggs. When he starts a campaign, he reaches out to as many as possible.

That is what has happened in an effort of Boggs to get former Cincinnati Reds star Pete Rose re-instated into baseball.

At the April 2 county commission meeting, Boggs made a motion for the commissioners to send a letter to Rob Manfred Jr., commissioner of baseball, making the re-instatement request.

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In 1989 Rose was permanently banned from baseball following allegations that he gambled on games while a player and a manager.

“Some of us grew up watching Pete and how he always hustled. A lot of us tried to mimic the head-first dive and grew up with the Big Red machine,” Boggs said. “He suffered quite a bit from the sanctions. We are a forgiving nation. It is time for him to be re-instated back into baseball. A few people can make a difference. That is why I started this campaign.”

Rose led the Major League in hits, singles and outs, winning three World Series rings. After his career as a player, Rose managed the Reds.

“Peter Edward Rose has suffered enough in the last 25 years due to the ban,” the commissioners’ letter states. “It is time for our baseball fans to see the great star player back in baseball and subsequently in the Hall of Fame where he belongs. … Please re-instate … Charlie Hustle.”

On top of that letter, the commissioners have sent an email to all the other 87 commissioners requesting them to join the campaign.

“If you believe in this as much as we do, please join our campaign,” the email states.