Safety study important for county

Published 12:22 am Sunday, April 12, 2015

When people think about the roadways around Lawrence County, most will think of issues like potholes or resurfacing projects that the county engineer is responsible for.

One of the lesser thought about and most important parts of the engineer’s job, however, is making adjustments to roadways such as intersections to improve conditions and safety for motorists.

Public safety was at the forefront and the main reason for the open house recently held at the Chamber of Commerce. This was a positive step in the right direction that will hopefully remedy some of the worst intersections in regard to accidents in the county.

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The primary focus is on the intersections at County Road 1, County Road 15 and County Road 450 off of US 52.

With the volume of accidents and traffic, these should be at the top of the list for the engineer, as each of these locations have long been trouble spots that have needed to be addressed for several years.

It is good to see the needed information being gathered, seeking public input and crafting several potential adjustments that would help traffic flow while increasing the safety for the thousands of motorists who travel by or through those locations on a daily basis.

The ability to maintain or enhance public safety is the most important element in this scenario.