Trees valuable resource

Published 9:56 am Friday, April 24, 2015

Many people may know that today is National Arbor Day.

But many may not know how this observance was started or that this year marks its 143rd anniversary.

Arbor Day was started by a journalist named J. Sterling Morton. Morton was the editor of a newspaper in Nebraska and he used his position as a forum to share his love for trees and agricultural knowledge. He encouraged individuals and civic groups to plant trees.

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It was on Jan. 4, 1872 that Morton first proposed a tree-planting holiday called Arbor Day and about 1 million trees were planted.

So why do we still celebrate all those years later? Aren’t there enough trees?

Morton once said, “Each generation takes the earth as trustees.”

We are responsible for taking care of the earth and leaving it better for those who come after us. We live in a time when our natural resources can not be taken for granted.

Trees are the largest plants on the planet at are vital for our survival. They produce oxygen for us to breathe, they stabilize soil so we can plant food, they provide materials so we can have shelter and they support wildlife. Trees also help clean the air of pollutants and absorb carbon dioxide.

Plus, trees are just beautiful and majestic.

Take sometime this weekend and find a barren spot in your neighborhood and plant a tree. You could be helping improve the environment for future generations.