Testing killing learning

Published 12:00 am Sunday, May 3, 2015

Why the nation’s education system is stuck in an endless loop of standardized testing and memorization drills is baffling.

At what point did it become more important to pass a test than it did to learn for the sake of getting a good education?

Right now, an Ohio Senate advisory committee of 30 teachers, parents, school leaders and policy makers are trying to determine whether to scale back the standardized testing that has come under fire for being too time consuming for students.

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The committee has recently made recommendations to give shorter tests once a year, rather than longer tests twice a year. The committee also recommended the test be given near the end of the school year, as to not disrupt classroom instruction.

For too long, students, as well as teachers, have been burdened with spending too much class time preparing for tests, rather than really learning.

It is much more important to understand reading comprehension, grammar, science, math and social studies than to regurgitate memorized answers onto to bubble sheets.

If state education leaders want to know why children are not impassioned about learning, they need to look no farther than over testing.