Prayer can offer unity

Published 11:03 am Tuesday, May 5, 2015

This Thursday, several events will take place to recognize the annual National Day of Prayer.

In some cases, the events held throughout the country can have a label attached to it, but we must remember that the annual occurrence doesn’t simply represent a singular faith or perspective.

The purpose behind the legislation for the National Day of Prayer was not to force a particular religion or viewpoint, but simply to afford citizens the ability to gather in unison to pray if they wish.

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Far too often, we see people on both sides of the equation go far beyond a civil discussion when it comes to religion. Those on each side only focus on their own views and beliefs while not listening to others’ thoughts. Conversely, we also see and hear from those who want no part of religion and feel it has no place in our society.

These two approaches are simply off base.

There will be events held throughout Lawrence County and the region. It is important to remember that this day allows those individuals and groups to pray.

Our freedoms including events like this are what makes the United States of America great.