Efforts promote safety

Published 9:51 am Thursday, May 14, 2015

For any elected or appointed official, the safety and security of residents should always be the No. 1 focus.

That is exactly what the Lawrence County office is doing to aid three main troublesome, and in many cases, dangerous, intersections along U.S. 52.

This is a positive step forward for residents and motorists.

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In the large landscape that the state of Ohio looks at, the accident statistics do not afford the ability for these projects to be funded at the state level. Each of these locations presents, however, major safety issues and are in dire need of being addressed.

The locations for these changes include the County Road 1 and County Road 15 exits in Sheridan, the South Point exit and the intersection at County Road 410 around Sam’s Club in Burlington.

Each of these exits should be a top priority for the adjustments, as all of these locations present either safety or traffic concerns, or in some cases both.

This news, during the transportation portion of the county’s Legislative Day was very encouraging.

Making these enhancements may not cure all of the issues and completely negate accidents, but taking these steps are conducive to improving public safety.