Property review continues

Published 12:41 pm Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Matching market, tax values next step in evaluation process


The next step in determining property values for the 2016 taxes is to review all the data acquired to see if it matches up to market values and information on file at the county auditor’s office.

“It is now a desktop review where people sit at banks of computers and look at the mailers, current information and photographs,” chief deputy auditor Chris Kline said.

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Recently mailers where property owners could verify if the auditor’s office data was accurate were returned to that office. Those were sent out as photographers were out in the field taking photos of the exteriors on each of the parcels in the county.

The desk work will allow appraisers to determine if there are any additions to the structures on each parcel.

“They can zoom in on the maps and pictures and see everything,” Kline said.

If after that review there are any discrepancies on the parcels, appraisers can go out in the field to verify.

After that the county’s results will go to the state for a final review.

“They will look at sales versus values we have to see if we have values too low,” Kline said. “We have to adjust to get to the number the state wants us.

“They want us to be at a certain level of assessment. They look at sales value versus the tax value we have on it.”

If the tax value is within 92 percent of the sales value, the state accepts that.

“If not, they will make us adjust to get to there,” Kline said.

The last step will take up most of next year so the tax bills will be ready to mail out early 2017 for taxes owed in 2016.