Avoid weather hassle

Published 9:46 am Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Moving rapidly toward summer, not only will we see a rise in temperatures but an unstable and sometimes constant threat of severe weather.

This can lead to potential damage to a variety of things citizens use each day.

Personal property like homes and automobiles are normally the most exposed when storms are found. However, our roadways and other resources are susceptible as well.

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The ability to be proactive can be critical to reducing damage, but when it does happen, insuring assets like homes and cars is essential.

Over the past several years, many residents have seen various issues from damaging storms.

This is also the case where people have become victims of those who were hired to make repairs.

It is essential for residents to check various impediments in drains and ditches that could cause flooding to occur. If any obstructions are found, doing a little maintenance now can save a headache later.

Additionally, residents should always check the qualifications of any person or company before any repair work is completed and payment made.

This includes checking for the proper business license, insurance and references.

While we hope this never becomes an issue for residents, taking the proper steps and developing the proper plan in advance can hopefully relieve the stresses involved with summer storms.