Exercise for more than just the body

Published 10:23 am Tuesday, June 16, 2015

I read the other day that studies have shown exercise raises happiness levels as much as taking Zoloft. Exercise also raises your self-esteem and gives you a high sense of self-accomplishments.

This was never more apparent than when you saw the face of the 92-year-old woman who had just finished running a marathon. It took her more than seven hours. Can you imagine the exercise and training she did to achieve this goal?

I’m not planning on running a marathon, but I do exercise five days a week at Preferred Fitness Center.

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This year I not only took advantage of the exercise center but also to make use of the therapy unit, which is excellent. Their therapists are really concerned about you and give you the best treatment possible.

When you fall off a 3-foot-high porch onto a cement sidewalk, you would expect to have broken bones. My knees were scraped very badly and my ankle sprained but only my wrist was broken. I can only come to the conclusion that exercise must build strong bones.

Exercising is all the rage now. We see and hear this all the time. Trying to get children off the couch and into some sort of activity program. Don’t fool yourself; exercise is not just for children. It’s never too late to start an exercise regimen. Preferred Fitness Center accepts insurance and participates in Silver Sneakers.

Just an example of how exercise helps: My niece had polio when she was less than 1 year old. Several years ago, she started walking with a cane. This past winter her husband fell down some steps and hurt his shoulder.

Therapy was recommended and Marsha started going to the fitness center with him. She started really slow, however, now she uses both the treadmill and the elliptical machine and she no longer uses her cane.

This is the ninth year for my membership at Preferred Fitness, and I can honestly say I could not have been treated better anyplace. Their entire staff is capable and very professional. My therapy was successful.

The trainers in the gym are really good and are willing to show you the correct way to use a machine. They also let you set your own pace.

So remember, happiness is exercising.


Joy Corn