PC Nazis crippling U.S.

Published 10:16 am Thursday, June 18, 2015

Political correctness is a contradiction of reality and distortion of morality that necessitates relentless government intervention devised by those who seek to control our lives. These self-appointed “Speech Sheriffs” warn us that words spoken outside the imaginary perimeters they’ve set are judgmental, negative, racist or intolerant.

The goal of these elitists is to subtly subvert society by controlling speech. When speech is controlled, it’s easy to control behavior. PC has infiltrated and corrupted just about every facet of our lives, including businesses, the news media, sports, churches, the military and universities.

Universities once known as open forums for free thought are now so hostile to it, comedians like Jerry Seinfeld won’t step foot inside campuses to perform. College kids are too uptight and obsessed over the idea that a joke might offend someone. Indoctrination by far left professors and their skewed take on history and life in general has sucked the joy out of learning and truth out of reality.

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Black comedian Chris Rock said he’s afraid to tell jokes about black kids anymore. Not kidding. It’s funny how First Amendment rights threaten those whose ideologies predictably wither in the presence of true open-mindedness. Hale and hearty debate or an occasional “Thus sayeth the Lord” sends them scrambling like roaches in the light.

But, we’ve done it to ourselves. Frogs in a gradually heating pot we are, that we do not wince while these PC Nazis tighten the concertina wire around the freedoms granted us by God and the U.S. Constitution. The good news is we all go down together. The noose they’ve bound around our necks also circles theirs.

Tolerance is not the answer always, and in the case of political correctness, tolerance is used like a slave-master’s whip to keep us in check. Political correctness does not create a more culturally diverse and pluralistic society; it creates division and an unnecessarily rigid atmosphere where everyone walks around on eggshells, afraid to open their mouths.

Recently at Fort Wainwright Alaska, a black NCO went to the media over allegations his platoon leader sanctioned something called “Racial Thursdays.” The non-story ran its course and did predictable damage, but an Army investigation found no evidence that any platoon of soldiers was given a free pass to sling out racial slurs at anyone.

Separately, the report also found that a “near-fight” allegation made “may have stemmed from an incident when one soldier teased another who was sensitive about his weight, finding a picture on Facebook of him as a child eating cake,” according to USA Today. If I were in charge, I’d give the Army sensitivity training by making all soldiers watch a few Living Color or Saturday Night Live episodes to help them see the humor in all of us — red or yellow, black and white.

ISIS is winning and the U.S. military is preoccupied with political correctness, thanks to the elitist man-child in golf shoes “commanding” from the Oval Office, whose social experimentation has reduced our military to a bunch of sissies fighting over cake pictures on social media.

Discrimination is not the dirty word liberals make it. In the real, non-politically correct world, it is a cognitive process whereby two or more stimuli are distinguished (says the dictionary), so it’s time we employ a little discrimination to determine what’s truly worthy of worry. And maybe loosen up a little.


Susan Stamper Brown is a recovering political pundit from Alaska, who does her best to make sense of current day events using her faith. Her columns are syndicated by CagleCartoons.com. E-mail Susan at: writestamper@gmail.com.