Shooting suspect indicted

Published 10:08 am Thursday, June 25, 2015

A Chesapeake man arrested in May for allegedly shooting and killing his wife’s supposed lover was indicted this week by a Lawrence County grand jury.

William Elkins Sr., 54, of 3493 County Road 31, was charged with aggravated murder. The grand jury also found a specification that Elkins was in possession of a firearm at the time of the alleged crime.

Elkins was arrested by the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office after deputies received a disturbance call at the man’s home.

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According to a release from the sheriff’s office, Elkins came home and found his friend, Ricky L. Crager, 57, of South Point, with his wife. There was an alleged argument and Elkins allegedly shot Crager twice in the chest with a small caliber handgun. Elkins then allegedly threatened his wife with the gun.

When deputies arrived, they found Crager lying on the front porch. Elkins allegedly retreated into the residence when he saw the deputies. Elkins surrendered a short time later.

Elkins is being held on a $1 million bond.

Justin Wilson, 25, of 223 Township Road 1186 Apt. 43, South Point, was re-indicted on a count of aggravated murder, which also included a gun specification.

Wilson is accused of shooting 30-year-old Justin Adams in the face on Jan. 13. He was also charged with tampering with evidence.

Wilson was arrested after about two weeks on the run from police.

According to Lawrence County Prosecuting Attorney Brigham Anderson, Wilson’s charge was increased to aggravated murder because Wilson was allegedly in the act of committing an aggravated robbery. This came to light following the two co-defendants in the case giving statements under oath about the incident.

Aggravated murder carries a maximum sentence of life without parole, while the lesser murder charge with a gun specification would carry a maximum of life in prison with the possibility of parole after 18 years.

In an unrelated case, four people arrested earlier this month for allegedly selling oxycodone were also indicted.

Paula M. Thibodaux, 45, Brandon L. Thibodaux, 29, Ashley N. Thibodaux, 24, and Terry Lee Corbin, 59, all of 826 S. Tenth St., Ironton, were the target of a three-month long investigation into the sale of prescription pills. A search warrant was issued and resulted in more than $5,000 in cash and 25 oxycodone pills were found in the residence.

Paula Thibodaux was charged with second-degree aggravated trafficking in drugs and trafficking in drugs. Brandon Thibodaux was charged with counts of third- and second-degree trafficking in drugs. Ashley Thibodaux was charged with second-degree complicity to trafficking in drugs and trafficking in drugs. Corbin was charged with second-degree with second-degree aggravated trafficking in drugs and trafficking in drugs as well as two counts of fourth-degree trafficking in drugs.

Other indictments this week according to the prosecutor’s office are:

• Larry F. Jenkins, 18, of 502 Township Road 179, Ironton, rape;

• William E. Hall Jr., 33, of 1824 Shopes Creek, Ashland, unlawful sexual conduct with a minor;

• Derik R. Blankenship, 28, of 605 S. Eighth St. Apt. A, Ironton, three counts of trafficking in heroin;

• Edward S. Holsinger, 45, of 1117 S. Third St. Apt. 1, Ironton, three counts of trafficking in drugs (oxycodone, Percocet);

• Jon Nicholas Thacker, 34, of 160 Township Road 508, South Point, trafficking in heroin;

• Brian K. Williams, 36, of 70 Private Road 302, South Point, two counts of trafficking in heroin;

• William D. Hendrick, 44, of 2738 Jason Road, Ashland, burglary;

• Charlie Adkins, 35, of 1020 Oak St. Apt. 2, Kenova, West Virginia, railroad grade crossing device vandalism and misdemeanor theft and criminal trespass;

• Jacques Wooten, 34, of 1173 County Road 1 Lot 47, South Point, railroad grade crossing device vandalism and misdemeanor theft, criminal trespass and possession of criminal tools;

• Frank Todd Hill, 42, of 2206 S. Eighth St., Ironton, complicity to trafficking in heroin and four counts of trafficking in heroin;

• Vanson Morisak, 50, of 421 Second St. E. Apt. 1, Huntington, burglary;

• Charles Damron, 69, of 4428 West River Road, Huntington, burglary;

• Randy A. DeLong, 34, of 800 Fletcher Pike, South Charleston, Ohio, OVI, driving under OVI suspension and operating a motor vehicle without reasonable control;

• Latoshia E. Jackson, 26, of 841 Dutch Colony Drive, Cincinnati, possession of drugs (Clonazepam);

• Lula M. Vance, 30, of 1154 Liverios, Detroit, Michigan, tampering with evidence, possession of heroin;

• Jacalyn M. Mason, 32, of 543 Township Road 1379, Chesapeake, theft from the elderly.

An indictment is a formal allegation that an individual has committed a crime. The accused are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.