County helping others

Published 11:16 am Tuesday, July 21, 2015

All too often, devastating storms can leave families and communities with heartache and questions.

However, one of the most critical things that we see throughout Lawrence County and the region are residents from near and far who come together to help their neighbors.

While it may be more than an hour away, that is the case for a group of bus drivers in the Dawson-Bryant School District along with others who wanted to lend their support for the victims of the flooding last week in Johnson County, Kentucky that resulted in several losing their lives and homes.

We, in Lawrence County, were hit extremely hard as well with several areas where high water and flooding occurred leaving several areas and residents stranded without some utilities or a way out of their homes for days.

We commend the efforts of all those who have worked diligently to help and reached out to others who were in need over the week.

These are the types of events we never like to see happen, but it is always encouraging to know that we live in a county and region where people are willing to step up and help.

Taking care of our own through a variety of efforts shows the true spirit of our communities in times like these.