City’s apathy blasted

Published 3:04 pm Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Dear City of Ironton,

I am respectfully submitting my resignation as a volunteer. I’m giving a two-month notice, fulfilling the responsibilities I assumed when I decided, wrongly, that people in Ironton could be rallied to give up some free time and be motivated to improve the city’s future.

My official resignation from my unpaid position will take effect on Sept. 27, the day following the extended date of the Great River Raffle. Just like the vast majority of people in our community, I need to focus on my own needs and not worry about anybody else.

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I will no longer be affiliated with the greatest organization in the city, the Friends of Ironton. I will no longer give up days off to bring crews from STAR Community Justice Center to town on weekends to clean up the city. I will no longer give up more free time to write stories in The Tribune begging people to form a cohesive group of volunteers.

I can no longer delay or even ignore personal responsibilities in the mistaken belief that I am doing something for the greater good in Ironton, because I’m not making a difference. I need to live my life like most people in town and worry only about me. I’ve learned that trying to energize people in this community is not going to happen. We have an abundance of local critics who hide behind false names and throw darts at others via social media.

If that “quality” moved our city forward, we’d be the most successful city in the nation. But laziness, selfishness, and negativity breeds more of the same. Few people in this town trust anybody, which I certainly understand given the decades long political corruption that has occurred and continues to occur here. Few are willing to put emotions aside and pitch in.

So, my focus on improvement is moving inward. I have many projects at my Lawco Lake home to tackle, as well as several personal hobbies I plan to enjoy. Beginning on Sept. 27, my focus will be to become like 99 percent of our community — worrying solely about myself instead of my surroundings.

I can feel the stress lifting as I write. My focus now will be even greater on my children, my job, and my personal preferences. No longer will I attempt to move an unmovable force. And, as most of you know, it’s going to be awesome.


Yours truly,

Billy Bruce



Billy Bruce is a freelance writer who lives in Pedro. He can be contacted at