What’s wrong with U.S.

Published 10:58 am Thursday, July 30, 2015

In response to Jim Crawford’s letter about our country and the diplomacy of the Democratic party — This man who was a retired educator, should be run for president, as he is just like what we now have as president, namely a blatantly wrong person.

Yes, we should negotiate with nations, however, any nation that proclaims “Death to Americans,” is not negotiating in peace. When they do get the nukes, they will try to blow us off the map.

Did you not hear what the Muslim that shot and killed four Marines here in America had to say? Death to the infidels.

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The Muslim nation thinks we are the great Satan and it’s their job to wipe us off the earth. Of course we gave them money, time and power to build nukes, a country that is rich in oil. Just why would we believe that they want to build anything but missiles? And when they have them we will be the second nation that they will hit. Israel will be first.

How can Democrats be so blind as not to see what they have been capable of many years?

Go back to Jimmy Carter when they held 52 American’s hostage because of the way Carter tried to get them set free. However when Ronald Reagan became president they were released.

They always respect power not a wimpy nation which we have become under Obama.

He will sell us out to the Muslims rather call them terrorists. Just where is the peace that we now have?


Homer Campbell



Editor’s note: The 52 hostages were released on Jan. 20, 1981, just as Ronald Reagan completed his inauguration.