All elections important for voters

Published 10:04 am Wednesday, August 5, 2015

While it may not have the grandeur of a presidential or governor’s election cycle, but many seats will be up for grabs this November.

This means that now is the time to ensure eligible Lawrence County residents have their voter registrations up to date with the board of elections before going out to cast a vote.

For those who believe they are registered, they should take a few minutes now and make certain all voter information is correct and up to date to save inevitable headaches later.

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For those who want to check if you are registered, you can do so on the Lawrence County Board of Elections web site at

Or, if you are not registered to vote, the deadline for this year’s election is Oct. 5. Registration can be completed either online or by filling out the proper forms and mailing them to the Lawrence County Board of Elections.

If you are registered and need to update your information, you can visit the Ohio Secretary of State’s web site at

It is important that all residents who are eligible to vote do so in each election, not just years when a president is being elected.

Each office, from the members of your local school board to the president is vital. Residents should always be involved in electing those charged with leading our communities, county, state and country.

Ultimately, every election is important for our nation’s future, and taking the necessary steps now to ensure you are registered to vote will help.