Students need good atmosphere

Published 11:15 am Thursday, August 6, 2015

As students across Lawrence County try to squeeze the last few days of summer break in before a new school year, it is also a time when excitement can turn into nervous anticipation about going back to school.

While many are eager to see those friends whom they haven’t seen during the summer, it is an important time for parents and grandparents as well.

In today’s society, all too often we find the pressures are much different for our youth than it was in the past, especially in cases where children are making a move to a new school.

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An essential piece of the puzzle for a positive school year is for our young people to have the encouragement at home to be successful. Regardless if it is academics, athletics or life, developing a positive atmosphere at home can help in any environment.

This means being involved in various activities, showing community spirit and being a supportive influence, as these times in our children’s lives will create a foundation for their future.

Fostering an environment for success can create a thriving school year as they continue to grow into our next generation of leaders.