OHSAA to reassess school enrollments

Published 9:21 am Sunday, August 9, 2015

COLUMBUS (AP) — The Ohio High School Athletic Association is working to reassess schools’ sports team divisions after its board reversed course on counting students in community or charter schools toward public school enrollments.

The association’s board voted Thursday to remove charter and STEM students from their local public school enrollment counts.

The move comes after administrators around the state contended the policy unfairly bumped the divisional ranks of city schools sports teams, even though many of the charter and community school students don’t participate in athletics.

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The coming school year would have been the first year that the students would have been included in public school enrollments for tournament divisional assignments.

Now, the association must rework the divisions for all sports for the 2015-16 school year and adjust them, if needed.

OHSAA Commissioner Dr. Dan Ross said in a written statement that the decision to include charter school students was born out of the past practice of including children who had the opportunity to participate.

But, he said, “the feedback we’ve received from many member schools across the state about the negative impact this had on tournament divisional movement for schools, combined with the belief that so few of these students currently take advantage of these participation opportunities, made us realize it is best for us to study this issue further.”

Association spokesman Tim Stried said the division review began after the board’s vote and could take about 10 days.

“It’s got to be a quick turnaround here,” he said.

A tentative board meeting is planned for Aug. 13 to discuss potential division changes for schools.