Vet cares more for money

Published 10:51 am Tuesday, August 11, 2015


To the pet owners: If you love your animal and it gets sick, you had better have a very thick wallet because it’s going to cost plenty.

Do you know it now costs more to take a dog to the vet than your child to the emergency room? They don’t have a heart.

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My daughter had a little Chihuahua that couldn’t have her pups and the vet said $400 upfront and if he had to operate on her to take her pups it would be $600.

My daughter promised him faithfully she would pay but he thought more about money than a little dog’s life.

My own female died for the lack of $400 upfront and was so sick she couldn’t make it without medicine. The vet had to put her to sleep. I brought her home in her own soft blanket and buried her. It broke my heart.

Now all I hear is adopt a pet. Like I said, you had better have a fat wallet.


Betty Zaghawski