Owner’s cats mysteriously injured

Published 12:59 am Sunday, August 23, 2015

An Ironton resident whose cat was recently injured says he is going to take more precautions when on the look out for animal abusers.

Chris Eachus lives on South Fourth Street in the Whitwell School area and said his 2-year-old cat, Shadow, was shot about a week ago. This isn’t the first time one of his pets was abused, he said.

“He was shot about a week ago,” Eachus said, “I thought it was a catfight. I finally saw the hole in it.”

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Eachus took the cat to a vet in Wheelersburg, where they told him the hole was a pellet wound.

Last summer, the man said another of his cats, Midnight, was also shot.

Two years ago, Snowball, a white cat, died of poisoning.

Eachus said he plans to take more security measures to hopefully capture evidence of someone hurting the animals.

“I’m going to get a camera set up,” he said.