Cats should be treated same as dogs

Published 12:28 am Sunday, August 30, 2015

I have been reading about the problem of housing cats. As the problem is there is no money for cats, my suggestion is a license fee for cats, the same as dogs.

It seems unfair to dog owners to pay for dogs and cats both. A cat license fee would pay for the cat shelter and other expenses, such as spay and neuter and vet bills.

I also believe there should be a leash law for cats, as well as dogs.

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I read in the paper about a man complaining about his cat being shot with a pellet gun. I wonder if the cat was at home or using a neighbor’s flowerbed for a bathroom.

A few years back, neighborhood cats took over my carport for a toilet (as many as five cats at a time). I had a choice — alienate my neighbors, give up the carport or pour concrete. I poured 15 yards. I own neither a cat nor a dog.